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Aircraft Acquisition Agreement



This Aircraft Acquisition Agreement, hereinafter referred to as the (AGREEMENT), is established between _______________________________, hereinafter referred to as the (PURCHASER), and _______________________________________, hereinafter referred to as the (AGENT), for the purpose of locating for lease and/or purchase a suitable aircraft (AIRCRAFT) for PURCHASER as described herein.

Therefore, it is mutually understood that PURCHASER agrees to grant sole and exclusive right to AGENT to acquire for lease or purchase a suitable ______________________________________________________________AIRCRAFT, as described in Addendum 1 or herein, which is made a part of this AGREEMENT. Pricing and other terms and conditions are contained herein.

    1.   This AGREEMENT commences ______________________and continues in effect until 12:01 AM MST on _________________ or until      

          AIRCRAFT is Leased or Purchased pursuant to this AGREEMENT, or if either party elects to exercise the terms of item 6, herein.

     2.  PURCHASER agrees to pay AGENT a fee of ____% of the purchase price or capitalized lease cost exclusive of any trade in credit or  

          down payment credit to purchase price. OR: PURCHASER agrees to pay AGENT a flat fee of $___________________________ USD.

          Payment shall be made a follows: _____% or $____________ of the fee shall be paid in advance with the execution of this AGREEMENT.

          The balance of ____% or $____________________ shall be paid at closing or lease inception. 

    3.   AGENT agrees to implement all available resources to locate, examine, select and make available for lease or purchase a suitable


    4.   In addition and included in this AGREEMENT, AGENT will provide the following services to PURCHASER:

                              a. Provide a Title Search Report

                              b. Conduct a thorough, personal review of AIRCRAFT, records and logs

                              c. Coordinate and manage AIRCRAFT showings and demonstration flights 

                              d. Schedule and manage pre-purchase inspection

                             e. Assist as required with Sales/Lease contracts, financing, insurance and training

    5.   AGENT will provide timely reports and maintain communication with PURCHASER regarding available aircraft and other pertinent


    6.   AGENT does not guarantee or offer warranty of any AIRCRAFT or system or component, but will make a diligent effort on behalf of

          PURCHASER to thoroughly examine and evaluate suitable AIRCRAFT.

          PURCHASER or AGENT may elect to cancel this AGREEMENT with 30 day written notice upon which, PURCHASER is entitled to

          receive a refund of the deposit made, minus any actual, documented out of pocket expenses incurred by AGENT.

    7.   This constitutes the entire AGREEMENT. AGENT certifies that no other compensation or commission is to be accepted from any

          other source.

                                     Agreed by both parties on this ___________day of ___________________ 20___________________

                                     __________________________________________________Authorized signature for PURCHASER

                                     __________________________________________________Authorized signature for AGENT