Core Hollow Capital ​LLC 

Professional and confidential, consulting services for turbo prop and jet aircraft acquisitions, financing/leasing and ​buyer advocacy

     Helping our clients acquire "the best aircraft for the money" for nearly 40 years

   At Core Hollow Capital, we rely on our 40 years of business aviation experience to provide our clients with only our best efforts in the acquisition of their next aircraft. We are not a dealer or broker in the traditional sense. We will effectively assist a client in the disposition of their aircraft either through our own international network of sales relationships, or through one of our " preferred brokers"  whom we know and trust. Either way, the client receives the most professional, direct and cost effective service. 

Our main focus is simply to provide professional, personal consulting services for the acquisition of turbo prop and jet aircraft for our clients. Unlike many consultants and brokers, we NEVER offer an aircraft for consideration to our clients that we have not personally examined. Every aircraft that we consider is first seen in person and examined inside and out by our company CEO. All records and logbooks are examined for fidelity and consecutive history. We check for damage history and for liens in place, not only those listed with the FAA but those that can "slip through the cracks". Maintenance history is reviewed and future maintenance is analyzed for cost planning. Airframe, engine and avionics programs are investigated to assure that all are paid up and are able to be transferred to the new owner. We will always provide a preliminary report along with current photos to be used in discussion with the client.

We can also provide insurance estimates, finance strategies, including leasing options that work well and do not put the client in a negative situation. While we do have a good knowledge of tax law and FAA regulations, we only offer opinion on these subjects based on our experience and we highly recommend  that the client engage their own tax and legal representation. We can assist with a recommendation of several highly regarded firms. 

With an executed Aircraft Acquisition Agreement in place, our financing and leasing consulting services are offered without an additional fee. A separate consulting agreement is also available when financing or leasing consulting services are the client's only need.

Core Hollow Capital provides only our best efforts as we work strictly for our client. We never receive any outside compensation or commissions from any of our business relationships. 

Please feel free to call at any time. We would love to discuss our services and provide you with a list of our clients. 

Thank you.

Michael Hudgins


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