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We provide professional, in depth and up to date True Aircraft Value Consulting services for turbo prop and jet aircraft that goes far beyond what the usual national appraisal services offer. 

Substantial market valuation swings have affected aircraft values drastically over the past several years. Don't be content with just the usual Aircraft Appraisals being offered nationally. While a certified appraisal can be a valuable part of any due diligence when purchasing or leasing an aircraft, they many times fall short when taking into account maintenance history and current status of the aircraft as well as recent market trends.They never factor in future (near and long term) maintenance liabilities, nor do they accurately account for damage history, missing records or quality of logbook endorsements or supporting documentation. Obtaining a True Aircraft Value Report  for your aircraft can potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars, and more when considering a purchase.  Coupled with a quality Certified appraisal, our True Value Reports will give you broad based knowledge on which to make your purchase decision.


We ascertain and confirm actual aircraft market condition

Purchasers are strongly advised to have an appropriate mechanical pre-purchase inspection performed by a competent service organization.  We offer no cost referrals to our Trusted "Preferred Partners" 

Here are some of the areas we examine with every True Aircraft Value report

       * Proper and correct aircraft records and supporting documentation  (critical to aircraft value, purchase price and resale value.) 

       * Damage History, its remediation and documentation.

       * Avionics age, maintenance program status, function, service life and comparability to industry standards

       * Engine(s) (and related components) condition, times since overhaul, Hot section inspection, history. Pedigree of maintenance performed           as well as overall quality as it relates to history, warranty and a forward looking synopsis of estimated future expense.

       * Status of current maintenance/overhaul programs.

       * Airframe condition, maintenance status, condition and thoroughness of logbooks and supporting documents. Maintenance and program             status.

       * All Logbooks are examined and checked for originality and consecutive integrity.

       * Exterior and Interior cosmetic condition with documented log entries. 

       * Window and windshield condition and function.

       * Functional testing of air conditioning, heating and pressurization systems.

       * Other areas of concern that present or are requested by the client

All of the above described items relate directly to aircraft quality, value marketability and resale-ability. Many, if not all are NOT 

included in most appraisals. The aircraft and records are personally examined by our company CEO who possesses over 40 years of experience as a pilot, broker, dealer and aircraft owner. We maintain a network of trusted "Preferred Partners" who supply various wide ranging support services and with whom we have done business for many years. Our prices usually are LESS than the cost of the appraisal. 

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